Some of PermanentMarker's software is released as open source by the developers. Most of it is not targeted at the end-user, but at developers.

Developer or not, be sure to check out our iPhone apps.

  • Hosts.prefpane

    A Mac OSX system preference pane for managing your /etc/hosts file entries. You might want to read the blog post about the development of this cocoa prefpane.

    Download here

  • as3-mixin

    A small library that enables you to factor out common functionality into seperate classes, without using a base class. This technique is called 'mixin'.

  • puppet-kicker

    Puppet-kicker triggers runs of puppet agent on dependent servers, using mcollective.

  • django-easymode

    Quickly build backends for flash/flex websites with Django. says the description of django-easymode and it does just that. All the tools needed to to create backends for multilingual flash/flex sites are in there, like:

    • Localization of database content
    • XML output
    • Making a tree of objects editable in a cms.

  • robotlegs-dungdungdung

    Actionscript bindings for django-easymode. Transform the data from the cms into view components you can use in your application.

  • as3-callatevent

    Do not pollute your class files with event handlers. callAtEvent can create them for you!

    callAtEvent is designed to prevent pollution of class files with event handlers. Also it will help you separate the code that deals with the event, from the code that deals with your object.

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